Dr. Akmal Hadi Ma’Radzi

PhD. Eng. (Materials Engineering), University of Fukui, Japan
M. Eng. (Biotechnology and Applied Chemistry), University of Fukui, Japan
B. Eng. (Biotechnology and Applied Chemistry), University of Fukui, Japan
Tel: 04-9798849
Fax: 04-9798755

Dr. Khairul Farihan Kasim

PhD (Biotechnology), Massey University, New Zealand

M.Sc (Biotechnology), Universiti Sains Malaysia

B.Sc (Biology-Botany), Universiti Sains Malaysia

Area of Expertise: Natural Product (Phytochemical)

Tel : 019-4744185

Fax : 04-9798755

Email :

Dr. Nora Jullok

Ph.D. (Chemical Engineering) KU Leuven, Belgium
M. Eng (Chemical Engineering), UTM
B. Eng (Chemical Engineering), UTM
Tel     : 04-9798842
Fax    : 04-9798755

Dr. Huzairy Hassan

Ph.D. (Biochemical Engineering and Microbial Fuel Cell), University of Adelaide, Australia

M.Sc. (Chemical Engineering), USM
B.Eng.(Hons) (Biochemical-Biotechnology Engineering), UIAM
Tel  : 04-9798595
Fax : 04-9798755
Email :

Dr. Rahimah Othman

M.Sc (Membrane Separation Technology), UKM
B.Eng. (Hons)(Chemical & Process Engineering), UKM
Tel : 04-9798583
Fax : 04-9798755
Email :

Dr. Syazni Zainul Kamal

Ph.D. (Biochemical Engineering), Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

M.Sc. (Industrial Biotechnology), USM
B.Sc. (Biotechnology), UM
Tel : 049798588
Fax : 049798755
Email :

Dr. Hafiza Shukor


Ph.D.(Biochemical Engineering), UKM

Msc (Chemical Engineering), USM

B.Eng (Hons) (Chemical Engineering), USM

Area of Expertise: Fermentation Technology( Renewable Energy & Biofuel)

Tel : 04-9798751

Email :

Dr. Hairul Nazirah Abdul Halim


Ph.D. (Chemical Engineering), UTP
M.Sc. (Chemical Engineering), USM
B. Eng. (Hons)(Chemical Engineering), USM
Tel: 04-9798840

Dr. Noor Shazliana Aizee Abidin


M. Sc. (Food Technology), USM
B. Sc. (Food Technology), USM
Tel : 04-9798584
Email :

Dr. Lee Boon Beng


Ph.D Chemical Engineering, Universiti Of Queensland, Brisbane Australia

M.Eng (Chemical), UMS

B.Eng (Hons)(Chemical), UMS

Area of Expertise: Encapsulation technology

Tel: 04-9798751


Dr. Saleha Shamsudin

PhD (Bioprocess Engineering), Universiti Putra Malaysia. 
M.Sc (Chemical Engineering), Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.
B.Sc Hons (Chemical Engineering), Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.
Tel   : 04-9798751

Dr. Mismisuraya Meor Ahmad

PhD. (Chemical Engineering), UTM            

M.Sc. (Fuel Cell), UKM
B.Eng. (Hons)(Chemical & Process), UKM
Tel : 04-9798585
Email :

Dr. Muhammad Firdaus Abdul Mutalib

PhD (Electronics and Electrical Engineering), University of Southampton, UK.

MSc (Nanoelectronics), University of Southampton, UK.

BEng (Electronics and Computer Engineering), Tokyo Denki University, Japan.

Area of Expertise: Photonics

Tel : 04-9798751

Email :

Dr. Wan Khairunnisa Wan Ramli

Ph.D. (Chemical Engineering), Newcastle University, UK

M.Sc. (Chemical Engineering), USM
B.Eng. (Hons) (Chemical & Process Engineering), UKM

Tel : 04-9798583

Dr. Zainal Abidin Arsat


PhD. (Biomechanic Engineering), USM

M.Eng (Mechanical) UTM

B.Eng (Mechanical) UiTM
Tel : 04-9798755/4164
Email :

Dr. Nor Hidawati Elias

PhD. (Biochemical Engineering), USM
M.Eng (Bioprocess Engineering), UMP
B.Eng (Hons)(Chemical Engineering), UMP

Tel    : 04-9798751

Dr. Nurhadijah Zainal Abidin


PhD   (Biosystem Engineering), UniMAP

B. Sc. (Biosystem Engineering), UniMAP
Tel : 04-9798751
Email :

Dr. Siti Khalijah Mahmad Rozi

PhD. (Biochemical Engineering), USM
M.Eng (Bioprocess Engineering), UMP
B.Eng (Hons)(Chemical Engineering), UMP
Tel : 04-9798751
Email :

Mr. Hirun Azaman Ismail

MBA(Management), Mississippi, State University, USA
BSc. (Agricultural Engineering), Mississippi, State University, USA
Fax    : 04-9798755


Kompleks Pusat Pengajian Jejawi 3 (KPPJ3), Kawasan Perindustrian Jejawi,

02600, Arau, Perlis

T: +604-9798751|  F: +604-9798755

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