As the Dean of the School of Bioprocess Engineering, I would like to welcome you as our guest   to our web homepage. Our current School’s location is in Jejawi, Arau in the state of Perlis,   Malaysia the land of knowledge and tranquility.

We are focused on empowering our students towards self reliable, self sustainable for oneself   and the nation. We provide them with knowledge and ideas for our student to excel once they  graduated from our school.


We offer two dynamic engineering programs for undergraduate and post graduate.  The programs that we offer in our school are Bioprocess Engineering and Biosystem Engineering. Bioprocess Engineering program focuses on the fundamental of chemical engineering, emphasizing on biological processes. Biosystems Engineering program on the other hand focuses on the fundamental of Agricultural Engineering with an emphasis on living organism. These programs compliments each other in such a way that one focus on the up-stream components (Biosystems) and down-stream (Bioprocess).

Our graduate or post-graduate programs consist of Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy for both Bioprocess and Biosystems Engineering programs. We have a mixture of experienced researchers, middle aged to young, enthusiastic and energetic academic staffs that are very active in research and development, invention and commercialization. We hope you can enhance your study experience and wisdom in our school the school of Bioprocess Engineering of UniMAP.

We are focusing our students to be charismatic, entrepreneurial, ethical, responsible and hardworking. Students will work together with our staffs in classes, research and development projects and in social life during their university life. Our laboratories and facilities are equipped with current and latest state of the art modern equipments. We provide them also with a comfortable environment with our own student discussion room, study area, student society room and viva room. We hope our students could enjoy their stay in our school and in UniMAP and the management of the school would dearly listen to their ideas and suggestion for the benefit of the school and students.

All the school’s staffs and I, warmly welcome you to be a part of our family and to improve ourselves and society through knowledge, sincerity and excellence which is the motto of UniMAP. We wish the best for all.