Mrs. Rohazita Bahari

M. Sc. (Environmental Engineering), UPM

Sc. (Petroleum Chemistry), UPM
Tel : 04-9798834
Email: rohazita@unimap.edu.my

Mrs. Hanna Ilyani Zulhaimi


M.Eng (Chemical), UTM
B.Eng. (Chemical), UTM

Tel : 04-9798751
Email : hanna@unimap.edu.my

Mrs. Syazwani Mahmad Puzi


M.Sc. (Safety, Health And Environment), UTM
B.Eng. (Chemical Engineering-Bioprocess), UTM
Tel : 04-9768192
Email : syazwanimahmad@unimap.edu.my

Mr. Zulfakar Mokhtar

M.Sc. (Chemical Engineering), USM

B.Eng. (Chemical Engineering), USM

Tel : 04-9798839
Email : zulfakar@unimap.edu.my

Mr. Md Nabil Ab Adzim Saifuddin

M.Sc. (Chemical Engineering), USM
B. Eng (Chemical Engineering), USM
Tel     : 04-9798834
Email  : mdnabil@unimap.edu.my

Mr. Mohd Khairul Rabani Hashim

M.Sc (Mechanical Engineering), USM

B.Sc (Mechanical Engineering), USM

Tel : 04-9798751

Area of Expertise: Noise & Vibration

Email : khairulrabani@unimap.edu.my

Mr. Mohamad Fahrurrazi Tompang


M. Sc. (Biotechnology Engineering), UIAM,
B. Eng (Biotechnology-Biochemical Engineering), UIAM
Tel     : 04-9798590
Email: fahrurrazi@unimap.edu.my

Mrs. Aimi Athirah Aznan


MSc (Biosystems Engineering), UniMAP

B. Eng (Agricultural and Biosystems), UPM

Area of Expertise: Image Processing, Artificial Intelligent, Machine Vision, Postharvest Engineering, Soil & Water Engineering

Tel : 013-5362813

Email : aimiathirah@unimap.edu.my

Mrs. Siti Jamilah Hanim Mohd Yusof

M. Sc. (Chemical Engineering), UKM
B.Eng. (Chemical Engineering), UKM
Tel     : 04-9766320
Email : jamilahhanim@unimap.edu.my

Mrs. Nuradibah Mohd Amer


M.Sc    (Bioprocess Engineering), UniMAP
B. Eng (Bioprocess Engineering), UniMAP

Tel : 04-9798751

Area of Expertise : Green Polymer and Fermentation Process

Email : nuradibah@unimap.edu.my

Mrs. Maisara Azad Mat Akhir

M.Sc (Mechanical Engineering), Universiti Sains Malaysia.
B.Sc Hons (Manufacturing Engineering), International Islamic University Malaysia.
Tel : 0148405247
Email: maisaraazad@unimap.edu.my

Mrs. Siti Kamariah Md Sa’at

M.Eng (Civil-Wastewater Engineering), UTM
B.Eng (Civil-Environmental), UTM
Tel : 04-9798755
Email : sitikamariah@unimap.edu.my

Mr. Mohd Firdaus Ibrahim

M. Sc (Mechatronic Engineering), UniMAP
B. Eng (Mechatronic Engineering), UniMAP
Fax : 04-9798755

Email : firdausibrahim@unimap.edu.my

Mr. Mohamad Farhan Mohamad Sobri

M. Sc. (Microbial Biotechnology), Universiti Putra Malaysia
B. Sc. (Biotechnology), University College London
Tel : 013-2901316
Email: mfarhan@unimap.edu.my

Mr. Faqih Aqili Ahmad​


Kompleks Pusat Pengajian Jejawi 3 (KPPJ3), Kawasan Perindustrian Jejawi,

02600, Arau, Perlis

T: +604-9798751|  F: +604-9798755

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