Course Synopsis:

The course will expose the students about basic concepts of forces and resultant force through the concepts of free body diagram in two and three dimensions and apply the knowledge to solve problems fall under the concepts of equilibrium of a particle and rigid body. Students also will be exposed on the concepts of the moment of a force in two and three dimensions. Friction, concepts of center of gravity and center of a mass and moment inertia will also be discussed to understand the overall basic statics.

Course Outcomes:

Ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, sciences, and engineering to analyze the basic principles of statics on mechanism and bodies.
Ability to identify and formulate solutions to the problems related to different force systems of a particle and rigid body in two and three dimensions.
Ability to evaluate and provide solutions to the problems related to frictions, centre of gravity, centre of mass for a system and moment of inertia of an area.


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